Exclusive: 9 BIG Mistakes Business Presenters Make
Based on our experience from training 150+ organizations, 49 of the FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 companies, and international entrepreneurs, totaling thousands of people from 42 countries.
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What Will You Get?

You Will Learn:

  • ​​The 9 Biggest Mistakes That We See Business Presenters in Our Workshop Make Over and Over Again
  • ​You Will Learn the #1 Issue Why Your Presentations Are Either Failing or Not Doing As Well As They Could
  • ​Why Having Confidence and Strong Delivery Skills Is Never Enough
  • ADDED BONUS: Self-Evaluation Sheet To Determine Your Current Level of Presenting Based on the 9 Major Mistakes

About Your Trainer:

Ben A. Ratje is the author of the two-times award-winning Edge Presentation, Edge Innovation and the bestselling Presentation Latte.

He is the CEO and chief trainer of INFLUENCE7, a corporate training firm founded in 2005. A total of 150+ organizations, including 49 of the FORTUNE Global 500 companies have taken INFLUENCE7's training. 

Clients have included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, Siemens, Daimler, Samsung, Bayer, HP, Sanofi, LG, Audi, Medtronic, Lacoste, SK, L’Oreal and many more. Thousands of participants from over 42 countries have taken Ben’s training programs.

“I’ve searched for various presentation training and surely took some of them. What I know is that I cannot compare this workshop with any other courses I took. This workshop is just superb!!! 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this seminar!”

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